Dear Applicants,

For students deciding where to do their A levels, this is a time when you must decide wisely.

These two years are precious and a time of self-reflection and realisation. The environment you choose must be in sync with your hopes
and aims, as this is one of those choices that seem more important in hindsight and can change the course of your journey.

The Lyceum School is a labour of love, a tribute to life and an expression of gratitude to God from all those who have played a role in its creation and development. It is a school that has withstood the test of time and has tried to maintain its commitment to excellence, to its philosophy and to its students. The Lyceum derives its name from The Lukeion, a garden in which Aristotle taught his students to think, imagine, reflect and deflect. Principles that we too practice and hold dear.

The Lyceum, like all institutions, is not made of brick and mortar, but it is the lifeblood that pulsates with its students' ambitions, hopes, dreams, angst and their highs and lows. The bedrock upon which the sands of time continue to create stories; lived and unlived.

When one talks to Lyceum alumni, that include all those who graduated last year to those who left thirty two years ago, they talk about everlasting bonds and memorable experiences that define who they are and the shift that took place in the way they began to view life. The Lyceum may not be for everyone, but it is the place for those looking for a fresh perspective and a broader and deeper understanding of life.

It is at The Lyceum that students are challenged to develop high levels of capabilities across a wide range of activities – academics, sports, the arts, creativity and community life. It is here that students are exposed to a diverse range of perspectives. This broad, all-encompassing experience is one that we believe prepares our students to be major contributors to local and international communities and to achieve beyond the ordinary.

There is no doubt that when students join The Lyceum, they become part of a legacy with a definite philosophy that is defined by its commitment to its ideals and its ethos balanced by tradition and modernity. Should you choose to join us, we will welcome you, knowing that these two years will be your most memorable and meaningful phase of life.

Wishing you the best as you transition to high school.


Scheherazade Asdar Ahmad
The Lyceum

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